Dr. Sam Robbins is the founder of HFL Solutions

Dr. Sam Robbins is the founder of HFL Solutions

The issue of mind over matter has been one that has tested members of the medical profession for decades. Until recently it has been found difficult to prove that there is a kind of connection between a positive and healthy state of mind and general physical well-being.

However, an American practitioner by the name of Dr. Sam Robbins has in the last two decades made significant headway improving the connection between positivity of mind and general physical health of the individual.

To further the spread of his theories, Dr Robbins, established HFL Solutions exactly twenty years ago with a view to providing what was described as complete health solutions. In fact, the whole concept of HFL Solutions lies in the name of the company, which stands for Health, Fitness and Longevity.

The standpoint of Dr Robbins and HFL Solutions is to custom develop solutions for general health problems that can be directly related to both the body and the mind.

Founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, and HFL Solutions have expanded considerably and currently operate out of a number of branch offices situated in California, Texas and Ohio with plans afoot to open other branches throughout the country.

The secret of their success lies in HFL’s unrelenting belief that the state of someone’s mental fitness will have a very direct influence on the general health.

Whilst arriving at this conclusion, Dr Robbins personally interviewed numerous clients, and after the successful diagnosis, provided them with proven, rapid and natural results that positively affected near health and mental well-being. As apart from traditional, medicine, HFL are dead against the use of powerful drugs to treat the patients, instead advocating use of a winning combination of natural herbs and a correct nutrition programs, that have been designed to affect the hormone balance in the body.

Known as Synergy Optimizer™ technology, a process developed by Dr. Sam Robbins and his team at HFL Solution, this health and fitness plan are based on a variety current formulations designed to enhance Weight Loss and Fat Burning, Cholesterol Triglyceride Reduction while increasing natural energy, maximize sex drive & libido while reducing sugar carbohydrate & fat metabolism levels in the body consequently reducing levels of anxiety and depression.

HFL Solution’s are currently working on formulations designed to reduce high blood pressure, dependency on insulin management in the treatment of diabetes, as well as a number of other diseases that have an effect on millions in the Western World.

And with a global client base now covering more than thirty of the World’s leading countries, the good work that HFL Solutions and , Dr. Sam Robbins is now affecting tens of thousands, providing them with healthier, happier and hopefully much longer lives.