AP9 Premier Health Plus, IK9 Premier Health Plus Encourages Healthy Living Habits

AP9 Premier Health Plus, IK9 Premier Health Plus Encourages Healthy Living Habits

AP9 Premier Health Plus, IK9 Premier Health Plus, an Adaptive Marketing LLC healthcare savings program, reminds people of all ages, lifestyles and health conditions that there are basic healthy living habits they can adopt immediately to improve their current state of health.

It’s indisputable that, by following a few simple healthcare principals, you can have far better chance of improving your health, extending your life expectancy and saving money on healthcare expenses.

If the thought of making some lifestyle changes seems daunting, then take a few moments to consider how your health impacts the other people in your life — especially your family. Just as you want the best for your family members (including good health) they wish the same for you. Your good health is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.

AP9 Premier Health Plus, IK9 Premier Health Plus offers essential health tips

  • Quit smoking. The Surgeon General declared that smoking is harmful 45 years ago and health studies since have only further substantiated their findings. Not only is smoking harmful for the user, but second-hand smoke puts others at risk as well.

  • Exercise regularly. Engage in cardiovascular, strength-building and flexibility exercises and your body will thank you. For starters, try adding a few extra steps into your day — park your car further out in the parking lot, take the stairs rather than the elevator, take your dog for a extra walk around the block. Gradually increase the length and pace of your activities. You’d be surprised how quickly your body will adapt to new, higher levels of exercise. The more energy you expend, the more energy you will have.

  • Make healthy food choices. Just like a car engine, when you feed your body with quality fuel, you will operate more efficiently. As a basic rule of thumb, the further a food is from its natural state, the less healthy it is for you. Whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables are filling and flavorful. Simple food substitutions, like opting for a baked potato over fries or choosing baked or broiled meats over fried will drastically reduce fat, as well.

  • Know your blood pressure. It’s imperative that all adults periodically check their blood pressure. Many pharmacies and health clubs offer free monitoring devices and home testing devices are very reasonably priced. Bottom line, if your blood pressure is high, make an appointment with your doctor. Elevated blood pressure can be an indicator of many things — the sooner you and your doctor catch a potential issue, the easier it will be to deal with it.

  • Manage your stress. Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. In fact, certain levels of stress are healthy. However, constant stress or intense levels of stress can lower your body’s ability to fight disease and put you at risk of a serious illness. Learn to identify when you’re “stressed out” and have coping techniques pre-planned for those moments — take a walk, talk about your worries with a trusted listener, or simply take a break and focus on a simpler task for a few minutes.

  • Have a healthy relationship with your doctor. The best time to find a doctor is before you need one. Your physician will be better prepared to treat an illness if you’ve been in the office previously for a well visit. Your doctor should be fully-credentialed and conveniently located for you to make office visits to. And most importantly, your doctor should be someone that you feel comfortable with so you may discuss any topic. Doctor-patient relationships are like any relationship — it all comes down to chemistry. If the two of you don’t connect, then it’s time to find a new doctor.

AP9 PremierHealthPlus, IK9 PremierHealthPlus makes quality healthcare accessible and affordable to hundreds of thousands of uninsured and underinsured Americans. Program members have access to one of the largest nationwide networks of doctors and specialists, labs, hospitals, emergency rooms, dentists, eye doctors and vision centers, pharmacies, nutritionists and other healthcare provider services.

This article is brought to you by AP9 Premier Health Plus, IK9 Premier Health Plus.

AP9 Premier Health Plus, IK9 Premier Health Plus

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