10 Beauty Tips That Every Girl Should Know

10 Beauty Tips That Every Girl Should Know
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10 Beauty Tips That Every Girl Should Know

Have you always wanted to know how perfect glitter nail polish removes pimples and how to leave quickly disappear? Girl Scene scans the Internet and finds no less than 10 beauty tips that every girl should know. After reading this article you will at least know how to get the best out of your beauty products and routine fetches (garden-and-kitchen) products. Read on for the tips! You’re welcome.

10 Beauty Tips That Every Girl Should Know :

1. Remove Glitter Nail Polish
Glitter nail polish is terrible to remove if you only have cotton pads and nail polish remover. Therefore there is the OPI Peel Off Glitter Basecoat recently. When you make this a layer under the glitter paint you can see the entire layer with nail polish from your nails deductions at any time. Whew, that saves a lot of nail polish remover!

2 Split ends
Do you have an SOS moment because you have split ends and you have no time to go to the hairdresser Turn over a thin strand of hair a few times and carefully cut the hard and split ends off. Voilà.

3 cases Broken blush and eye shadow
Oh no! You blush or eye shadow has fallen on the ground. That of course is frustrating, but it’s been quite sour if your favorite color is. For a smashed blush or eye shadow back in the pack to get you a few drops of alcohol (80% or higher) and a butter knife needed. Chop the broken powder finely and put it back in the pack. Put a few drops of alchohol on, press it with the knife and let it dry thoroughly. You blush or eye shadow does not look like new, but is now usable again.

4. reduce Bruises
If your skin is sensitive and you have no time a bruise? Then make sure you have. Always a bottle of mouthwash at home Maybe you think now: but what mouthwash to do with bruises? The magical effect behind this product is not clear, but it is certainly worth trying. Within a few minutes the place because a lot less noticeable.

5. Pimples disappear
Pustules always come unwanted moments – but quite frankly, get pimples ever a good time ?! – And a lot of girls think you with toothpaste dries the spot. Error! Try something that works much better, such as whole Greek yogurt. Dot the zit with the yogurt, let it soak for 20 minutes and rinse. The lactic acid, probiotic, and fat inhibits the inflammation and reduces redness.

6 No smudge mascara
We could write a whole article on how to make perfect mascara, but what happens is that the mascara stain on the skin under the brow. Argh. Therefore, place the concave side of a spoon against your eyelid and brow bone or place a cardboard ticket to the eye while applying mascara. If you mess gouging or is it on the spoon or the cardboard and not on your skin.

7 Viscous polish
Is your favorite nail polish getting old? It’s pretty annoying when you color on your nail should be. Polish with a viscous Why is the tip to place the bottle. Polish two minutes in a cup of boiling water Tada: your nail polish is as good as new!

8 Winged eyeliner
One of the most difficult things when it comes to beauty is to set the perfect winged eyeliner. Paste therefore first tape from the corner of your eye to the end of the eyebrow. Then it is very easy to put a straight line.

9 Dry Lips
Hydrogel lips? A super quick and effective solution is to baptize a bag of tea in water and then dab it. Minutes against your lips

10 Matte lipstick
Have you finally found the perfect shade of lipstick, but would you rather have a matte finish? By powdering your lips, the lipstick itself mat. Do use a tissue on your lips if you powder with a brush application.

That is 10 Beauty Tips That Every Girl Should Know.

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