Herba growth

Herba growth

Vitamin B complex inhibits the hormone leptin signal the brain gives the order
to give a sense of hunger

Moringa 350 gm
Te verde 400 gm
Alchemilla vulgaris 500 gm
Fucous vesiculosis 300 gm
Nigella sativa 300 gm
Salvia 300 gm
Jengibre 400 gm
Romero 600 gm
Hinojo 300 gm
Apium graveolens apio 100 gm
Lina ceae 100 gm
Senna planta 50 gm
Mejorana 50 gm
Pimpinella Anisum 50 gm
mgruibarbo 30 gm
Cummins 100 gm
jengibre 100 gm
citrus paradisi 150 gm
ginseng 150 gm
grafito 150 gm
citrus aurantium 150 gm
mentol 150 gm
Syzygium aromanticum 150 gm


high nutritional value on the starch and fat
35% Starch / 27% Glues /3% Fat / 3% Sugars


With a high nutritional value A quarter cup of almonds contains: 18 g fat, but that I I g of monounsaturated
fat important to human health 706 g protein, while the egg provides only
505 g Vitamin B complex 17.6% of the recommendeddaily value The total fat per 100 g of 165% recomended
daily value

Wheat Germ:

Where is the richest food contains lots of vitamins and minerals and proteins necessary for the construction
of the body such as Calcium


provide the body with natural estrogen, which is useful in cases of estrogen deficiency esponsible for the deposition
of fat in the natural sites gives the bodya consistent look Working to reduce the level of glucose in the
blood mm gives a signal to the brain to the sense of hunger leads to increased consumption of food.
Increases basal metabolic rates of structural (anabolism)
Correct the hormonal imbalance caused by the secretions of thyroid dysfunction

Alpha Alpha:

Excellent source of vitamin A, D, E, K (fat soluble vitamin) Estrogen like action Increases the appetite Stimulates
the secretion of digestive enzymes of fat on the bodyfor easy storage