Body Shape Characteristics:The main characteristic of

Body Shape Characteristics:The main characteristic of

Body Shape Characteristics:

The main characteristic of an Apple shape body is a waist thicker than the buttocks (it should be regarded as an apple-shaped body if the waist is thicker than 36 inches for men and 32 inches for women), thin arms and legs and a big belly, like the shape of an apple. This is also known as abdominal obesity, centripetal obesity and visceral obesity. For this type of obesity, fats accumulate mainly under the skin of the abdomen and in the abdominal cavity.

Dietary Habits:

An Apple shape body is usually the result of an improper diet and a lack of exercise. Estrogen imbalance in women undergoing menopause could also have an effect. Generally, people with this body shape tend to like food high in calorie content, have a big appetite and eat hurriedly. There are too much fats stored in the internal organs leading to excessive fats in their body.

Eating strategy:

1. Eat slowly, chew well before swallowing and reduce food intake.

2. Do not eat fried food and calorie-rich food. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables which contain more fiber. Eat more food containing unsaturated fats which are beneficial to the heart, like nuts and olive oil.

3. intake of carbohydrates and increase intake of fiber-rich food. This will slow down the rate of digestion of sugar and lower insulin and cholesterol levels.

4. Take note to eat a balance mix of different types of food, as such it is important to have a proper diet. Abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol, restrict intake of food with high fat and sugar content. Eat more vegetables and fruits as it helps to improve insulin resistance and prevents diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cerebral atherosclerosis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and fatty liver.

Body slimming Focus:

An apple shaped body may have slender legs but also a prominent and round waist. When sculpting the body, the focus should be on reducing fats around the waist and at the abdomen. Exercises tailored to target these areas can result in a more proportionate figure.

Recommended body slimming exercises:

Choose full-body exercises like gymnastics, swimming, and jogging, as well as localized exercises on the limbs and the back such as dumbbell exercises, sit-ups, supine leg raise, and raising the head while in a prone position. The focus should be on training the abdomen area and strength training for the limbs.